Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQs and Answers from Liz Swann Miller…….

Why is this red detox drink so special?

“It’s the perfect health drink.  It’s refreshing and tasty, hot or iced.  It helps clear toxins, reduces fat storing hormones and it promotes the production of fat-burning hormones while naturally reducing stress and balancing insulin.  I’m a naturopath, and I’ve spent years studying the benefits and side effects of each of the five unique ingredients that go into your red tea.  Along with the powerful African red tea recipe, my detox plan is carefully formulated according to the latest holistic health and scientific research to maximize your fat loss during the 14 days of the detox.

“The recipe contains these 5 powerful ingredients to create the ultimate matabolism-boosting, fat busting, energy revitalizing drink that’s not found in green or black teas.”

Do I need to be a good cook or have a lot of time to cook?

“No.  You should be able to make the delicious red detox tea and smoothies in just a few minutes.  Every recommended meal is carefully designed for real people living real lives, with easy instructions.”

Are the ingredients for The Red Tea Detox easy to find?

“Yes.  You can easily find them in your local supermarket and health food stores.  You can also buy them online.  They won’t cost you much at all.”

Is It Vegan and Vegetarian?

“It is caffeine free, vegan and vegetarian safe, dairy free, gluten free and sugar free.  It’s a great alternative to caffeine with absolutely no jitters, so cleansing fat away is safe and rapid.  This red tea contains no fats or carbohydrates.  The flavor is mild and slightly sweet.”

“The tea is packed full of powerful antioxidants that fight oxidative damage caused by toxins in your body, 10 of which have been scientifically proven to have antibacerial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral action to boost your immunity.  So, drinking this delicious red detox tea does more than just halt hunger, it also helps you to:

  1. Lose weight and get the body you want
  2. Finally get a good night’s sleep so you can feel great and fight off disease
  3. Produce and maintain energy throughout the day to play with your kids, spend quality time with your family and keep up with all of your active life’s demands
  4. Detox your body and protect your brain from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers
  5. Lose fat and protect yourself from cancer, diabetes and heart attacks
  6. Reduce your hunger naturally and effortlessly so you are no longer a slave to your cravings
  7. Spice up your marriage and ramp up the passion and intimacy in your relationship
  8. Reverse harm caused by the many environmental toxins that have been building up in your body for years.”

What Powerful antioxidants are found in these five unique ingredients?

Quercetin may help protect the body from free radical damage.  Luteolin can kill cancer cells and prevent tumor growth.  It also contains a high-density lipoprotein (HCL) for good cholesterol.”

“It may also have beneficial effects on blood pressure by inhibiting the antiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) to aid in protecting the heart.”

Does red tea really stop hunger?

“The red tea’s 5 herbal ingredients work in harmony to end cravings and make you feel full to stop your hunger.”

Why does this program cost so much less than other programs?

“I’m so confident in the effectiveness of this program and the miraculous red tea recipe that inspired it, that I know it’s going to be a huge success.  Plus, I know what it’s like to feel helpless when it comes to your weight, so I want to help as many people as I possibly can.  Since I don’t want the price to stop you from getting the body you want, I’m making it as affordable as I possibly can.”

Can I do this detox even if I’m older or have health issues such as heart disease or diabetes?

“Yes!  If you have a medical condition or physical condition, please talk to your doctor before starting this program.  However, this is not a starvation or a deprivation detox, and all the ingredients are safe, nourishing, natural superfoods.”

How many payments do you charge me?

Only one payment at the offer price today of $17 only.  Don’t delay as this offer is only available for a short time.

Is my purchase guaranteed?

Totally!  You have 60 days to try the Red Tea Detox risk-free, no questions asked, just give the Red Tea Detox an honest try and you can keep your free gifts!

What is your GDPR privacy policy?

We don’t store your data period.  We physically can’t.  We have nowhere to store it.  So even if George Clooney asked to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show him, nothing, zilch.

Are you an affiliate?

Yes, if you click through the links it will take you to the red tea detox site where you can get more information and pay.  By clicking through this website you will get a discount of $20 paying $17 instead of $37.  An affiliate commission is earned on every sale but this will not affect how much you pay.


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